Xander Berkeley cast in SyFy’s Being Human

It’s interesting because the only thing I’ve ever seen Xander Berkeley in is the web series The Booth At The End, but it seems he’s a more popular actor than I gave him credit for (I will admit that in watching that web series, I thought he looked familiar).

With credits to his name like  CSI, 24, Jericho and The Closer, it’s no wonder SyFy has added him to season 3 of their hit series Being Human.

According to Deadline, Berkeley will play Brynn and Connor’s charismatic father. If you recall from last season, those were the werewolf siblings. And daddy is going to be trying to find out what happened to his kids, and once he finds out he makes it a mission to destroy all the remaining vampires. At the same time, he’s also reportedly going to develop a unique relationship with Nora.

Hmmmm…. well, that sounds interesting.

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