Tex Murphy to be resurrected in new game

For those of you who are were playing PC games in the 90’s, you must remember the classics: 7th Guest (and it’s sequel 11th Hour), the Gabriel Knight Games, Lands of Lore, Kings Quest, as well as the futuristic detective noir interactive adventures of Tex Murphy. Well, the latter has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be getting a brand new game.

There were originally five games in the Tex Murphy series, created by Chris Jones. The games feature Jones himself as the iconic character, a down on his luck private eye in a dystopian future. The new game has been code named Project Fedora and is currently being planned for 2013.

What made the Tex Murphy games so unique, though, is that they were one of the first games that offered an interactive adventure and multiple scenarios. The choices you make in-game lead you to different scenes and different endings. In fact, when Pandora Directive came out, it was a pretty big deal that it had multiple endings.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to put on Tex’s signature fedora again and meet all the weird and funny characters in his world and solve crazy futuristic crimes.


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