Pre E3-Weekend Round-Up

Last year, I took three days off from the world and did nothing but watch E3 coverage online. Unfortunately, this year, I don’t have the opportunity to do that. I have this thing called work (ugh), as well as a community theatre production that I’m working on. However, I will try to keep up with the latest E3 news that I find interesting and keep this blog as updated as I can.

To start with, remember that wonderful Tomb Raider trailer I posted yesterday? Well, the game officially has a release date now: March 5, 2013. Yes, we have a whole year. But honestly, I can’t wait.

Also, new screenshots from Dead Space 3 have been released. Unfortunately, the images are just related to co-op play, which I could care less about. And that’s why I’m not posting those screenshots here.

A game that I am watching with anticipation is Dishonored. This gameplay trailer has me drooling. And better yet? It comes out in October (hint, you can buy this for me for my birthday, if you’d like).

[tubepress video=”-XbQgdSlsd0″]

Finally, Bethesda’s Skyrim team is looking for some folks to play their new DLC, Dawnguard, for free! If you own an XBox and would like to beta test the new DLC, you can sign up here. Yes, I’ve already signed up. Obviously. Because if you get into beta testing, you get the DLC for free! And what’s better than free?

And by the way, there’s a new trailer for Dawnguard, too:

[tubepress video=”CIZ-o5VlhCo”]

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