New Eureka: Jo and Jack bet on Fargo

So how about last week’s Eureka? My biggest thought coming out of that is that Felicia Day should win an Emmy for her portrayal of Holly. I was literally crying over that wonderful performance she gave. But thrilled to see that perhaps she will be sticking around for the rest of this final season. She’s easily become my favorite character on the show.

Even better, I tweeted that and Miss Day herself thanked me. She’s such a sweetie!

And then that reveal at the end of the episode. Just WHOA! Who exactly was Henry in this timeline before our Henry landed here?

But there’s a new Eureka coming up this week! In “Mirror Mirror”, a¬†malfunctioning experiment cuts Eureka off from the world and threatens to destroy all human life in town. And if you watch this clip, you’re probably going to think (like I did) that Fargo has something to do with it. Oh, Fargo, you big goof, we still love you.

Watch Jo and Jack Bet on just how exactly Fargo is going to screw up this time. And catch and all-new Eureka on Syfy Monday, 9/8c.

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