Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Review (Spoilers)

This is not so much of a review as a me re-stating that I did not feel that this extended cut was really needed for the end of Mass Effect 3. But some angry fans demanded it and Bioware caved in to the pressure, and guess what? Those fans? STILL NOT SATISFIED. Which is about what I expected.

As I originally posted, I loved the way Mass Effect 3 ended. I do not like to be hand-held throughout a game and I don’t need a 20-minute ending sequence to justify the hours of enjoyment I received from the game. I did feel that the entire third game in the series served as the end and not the last 10 minutes.

I am also going to say that I really wish game developers (Bioware included) would let us know how to access DLC. Because it takes some Googling to figure it out. I had looked it up yesterday and found a site that stated that any save point before the London confrontation would lead into the extended DLC. That was, apparently, extremely wrong. I suppose I should have checked Bioware’s blog because it seems I should have gone back another four hours in the game to before the final Cerberus mission. WTF?

I don’t understand why I have to play another 8 hours of the game just to view 20 minutes of footage tacked on at the end? Why couldn’t Bioware pull up the very last save point and work from there? I’ve played the entire game and I don’t want to re-play it and I don’t remember a lot of the choices I made up to that point anyway because that was several months ago. So again, I ask, WHY?

But I did look it up on YouTube and now I feel cheated. Because a fourth option is given now at the end, although from what I surmised, it still results in the death of Shepard (and everyone else). My choice was synthesis, however, and I’m sticking by it (although I think originally that 4th choice would have been my Shepard and that just irks me). So I watched the footage and it was basically Bioware hand-holding the upset fans’ hands.

I liked the rather nondescript ending that I originally got with the Normandy crash-landing on an unknown planet, Joker and Edy cuddled up together, looking forward to a new future. To me, that summed up the synthesis choice perfectly. Much better than the extended more dragged out ending where we find out that no, the Normandy didn’t get stuck on that new world and oh, look, now we’re going to tell you the whole story and please stop using your imagination! Fans should really learn to understand that with art sometimes less really is more. And if they don’t have enough imagination to fill in the gaps themselves, they should go back to reading books with pictures in them.

Also, there was a serious plot change with this extended ending: ┬áthe mass relays have not been completely destroyed, as in the original ending. I liked the gravity of having to make a decision that would destroy those, forcing mankind to learn a different way of traveling in space. This new change took some of the thought I had to put into making the final decision and threw it out the window. I don’t like that.

But it’s done and I can always stick to the ending I got… twice. I’m far happier that way, after all. Now when can we expect Dragon Age 3 from Bioware?

Did you re-play the game with the new ending? What did you think? Shout out in the comments below.

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