Get an XBox for $99

If you’re someone who doesn’t already have an XBox 360 or are looking to score one, now is the time to buy! Right now, you can get an XBox from Best Buy and Game Stop for just $99. This is for a limited time, so you better grab one now.

There is a slight catch, though, according to G4:

“The price of the sub-$100 360s are “subsidized” by a locked in, monthly two-year, $15 subscription to Xbox Live, so there’s a bit of a catch — you’re on the hook for two years of slightly more expensive Live service. Over 24 months, the savings will amount to $39 when compared to purchasing a 4GB 360 and paying a cheaper subscription fee for basic Gold membership. The new bundle will cost you $420 in two years, where a “traditional” 360 will set you back $459.”

I’d still say, though, it’s a good deal. I’ve been an XBox Live member for several years now and I think it’s a great service.

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