Doctor Who’s Rory Williams is the new Chuck Norris

So many of us think Rory Williams is just way too much man for Doctor Who. Well now, someone has created a “Facts About Rory Williams” website to remind us of how much more awesome he is.

Here are just a few of my favorite posts.

“When Ten regenerated, he didn’t want to go because he was afraid of meeting Rory Williams.”

“The TARDIS was so sad when Rory died she exploded.”

“The reason the DALEKS are so inactive recently? Rory Williams.”

“Voldemort calls Rory Williams You-Don’t-Want-To-Know-Who.”

“Rory Williams rick-rolled Rick Astley. Twice.”

Of course, it’s Arthur Darvill’s excellent acting as Rory that makes him so bad ass, so job well done!

Check out the Facts about Rory Williams website.

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