Aurors Tale needs your help!

Yes it’s Wednesday and that usually means that I post about a new and upcoming web series. However, instead, I would like to turn your attention back to a project I previously posted about: Auror’s Tale. Auror’s Tale is a fan-created series set in the Harry Potter universe with entirely new characters and New York City as its backdrop.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“New York City is a battlefield. Dark magic rules the underworld. The NYC Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE) is the only line of defense. Hawthorne is the force’s newest recruit and the dark criminals’ latest threat. Plunging into the nightmare that his occupation offers, he makes quick enemies of the most depraved wizard gang in America: the ever violent, ever twisted Hellhounds. AUROR’S TALE chronicles Hawthorne’s tempestuous adventures.”

And now you can help get the series off the ground. By donating to the Auror’s Tale Kickstarter project, you can make this amazing looking project a reality. It will feature a top notch cast, cinematography and story (and again, if you have not seen the teaser trailer, prepare to have your mind blown).

So go, donate now. Even $1 could help out!

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