Bo gets hunted in an all-new Lost Girl

Wow, last week’s body switching episode of Lost Girl was crazy, wasn’t it? Seeing Dyson as Kenzi had me rolling, to say the least. But that little remark that Kenzi made to Bo at the end of the episode (or should we call her Isabo?) leads me to believe that Dyson still is burning a candle for our favorite succubus.

This is good, considering that Lauren, Bo’s sort of significant other now, is in the process of finding out how to revive her dead girlfriend.

On an all-new Lost Girl this week, Bo has her hands full with something else, though. Not only does Bo discover an underground fighting ring amongst the fae, but it also seems that she’s being hunted by something that considers her a monster. Check out this clip and see for yourself.

Don’t miss Lost Girl on Syfy on Monday 10/9c.

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