The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: Huh? What? (Spoilers)

I have previously mentioned that The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I watch it every week and haven’t missed an episode yet. Let’s face it, the show is very similar to the original Dark Shadows series, right down to the vampires, witches and ghosts.

The following contains spoilers.

This season has been a little rocky. In fact, I found myself otherwise occupied while “watching” many of the past few episodes. Klaus, who started out as a wonderfully delightful villain, was apparently castrated and quickly became just a sad little boy with the hots for Caroline this year. He was such a fun character to start with, though – It seems the writers of the show just ran out of ideas for him.

That leads us to last week where Klaus has been put down. Not killed, mind you, because he told everyone that he was the original who created the Salvatore vampire bloodline. So Klaus can’t die because that would kill off Stefan and Damon (and Tyler). And no, we can’t have that! Although I tended to start agreeing with the newly-minted vampire Alaric, whose sole purpose is to end all vampires in Mystic Falls. Seriously, Elena would be SO much better off, wouldn’t she? The entire town would be!

But if that happened, we wouldn’t have a show, would we? I like the new turn that Alaric took last week and it almost felt to be in line with his original role in the series as the vampire hunter.

Oh, and now Alaric can only be killed by killing Elena. Because you know, this entire world revolves around her! I’m guessing that her friends are probably sick and tired of that by now and I hope she gets slapped around a bit next season to make up for it.

So Alaric finds where Damon is attempting to hide Klaus and stakes him with the one weapon that can kill an original. And everyone freaks out. But of course, Klaus had already been visited by Bonnie, who took Klaus soul and shoved it into Tyler (that was hardly nice of her, was it?) For someone who also seems to want to be rid of vampires and their drama, she sure caved in to that request by Damon easily enough. Sure, yeah, I get it, her mother (who was absent for YEARS) is now a vampire of the assumed Klaus bloodline, but she’s yet just another person in this series tainted whose morals have been tainted by the vampires.

In fact, it seems the only un-corruptible character on the show is Caroline, who is actually a vampire, but unlike any of the other vampires or humans in town. Caroline has never wavered and has always been the loyal friend and compassionate (although sometimes flighty) creature that she was as a mortal. She’s probably the only vampire in Mystic Falls that really deserves to live.

So news of Klaus death (who isn’t really dead but is now inside Tyler and is being poorly acted by that actor) spreads to his family. And of course, Rebecca, the fiery-tempered sister, is irked. So she goes after Elena. Who ends up dying. But of course, this is The Vampire Diaries, only one character has ever stayed dead on this show (Jenna) and I’m still expecting her to return eventually in something more than flashbacks.

Alaric dies as a result, his ghost saying a cheesy goodbye to Jeremy, who still sees dead people. And again, he couldn’t just die. Now he’s a ghost. I’m thinking he’ll be a sort of Obi Wan Kenobi for Jeremy, guiding him through his new role as Elena’s protector. Or some such nonsense.

But wait! There’s more! Elena had been in the hospital earlier in the episode with what we thought was a concussion from a bump on the head she received last week. But it turns out that bump was more and she was given vampire’s blood to recover. And no one knew.

So the final scene is Elena coming back to life. And according to previous rules made by the show, she is a vampire.

My guess? There’s a loophole. Because with this show, there is ALWAYS a loophole. We already have Elena as a vampire in Catherine. We can’t have two! That would be confusing and pointless. And by the way, where has Catherine been this year anyway?

Oh and I almost forgot, Elena chose Stefan over Damon. Big surprise there (not). I was really rooting for Damon, though, because that relationship is so much more exciting to watch on-screen. The whole Stefan-Elena thing just makes me want to puke.

So now for all my complaining, here’s the part where I admit that I lapped all of this up with eager abandon and a tub of popcorn. Because this show is just… well… fun. The drama! All the high emotions! The love triangles! The deaths and undeaths! It’s just really easy to get caught up in.

I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for next season. Bring it on!

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