The cast of Star Trek:TNG at first cast reunion in 20 years

Recently, at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation reunited for the first time in 20 years. Obviously, as demand was high for this event, many science fiction fans had to be turned away at the door.

Fortunately for us science fiction fans who could not be there, someone recorded the whole event and put it up on YouTube. And I say THANK YOU. Especially emotional is the part where Wil Wheaton discusses leaving the show, but the whole panel is worth watching.

Here is all of it, posted in five separate parts. Enjoy!

[tubepress video=”CI29wso1R2s”]

[tubepress video=”LHIHaVwbGCw”]

[tubepress video=”CmgUQm4XIjE”]

[tubepress video=”PWhexFnfi-k”]

[tubepress video=”aEOfAEtrW-I”]

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