Terry O’Quinn is devilish in 666 Park Avenue Trailer

So it’s that time of the year when television networks give the axe to some of our favorite shows and then start announcing new shows they’re planning for the fall, many which will also get the axe. I’m almost to the point of not wanting to watch anything new for the sake of being disappointed (see my previous post on Awake).

However, when I saw the trailer for ABC’s upcoming 666 Park Avenue (please forgive the stupid show title), I have to admit I got sucked in. Terry O’Quinn seems to have found life after Lost and is playing what seems to be possibly the very devil himself. Talk about great casting, right?

The show does look promising, but I still am only giving it a single season on the network. Let’s face it, genre t.v. doesn’t do well unless it ends up on SyFy (and as much as we gripe about SyFy’s programming, at least they generally give shows more than one season – except for that awful Caprica cancellation).

So check out the trailer and leave me some comments below. Will you be watching 666 Park Avenue this fall?

[tubepress video=”x91yps9mu0I”]

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