Supernatural season finale: a little meh? (spoilers)

Let’s face it. This whole leviathan thing on this season’s Supernatural just hasn’t been all that great. As monsters, they’re not that scary and if all I need to do is keep some household cleanser around the house to exterminate them, why should I even care?

The following containers spoilers.

So this year, the leviathan have acted as the baddies threatening the world this season. And they’re doing their best, with the help of head leviathan Dick Roman (the name isn’t entirely unintentional, I’m sure) who is going to put high fructose corn syrup in all the food to make the Americans fat and lazy and ready to be eaten. Sure, this is a show about supernatural elements and a certain suspension of belief is required to watch, but really? I found the entire concept of the leviathan pretty far-fetched.

But I watched. Why? Because I have always loved the characters. At its heart, this show is about family. And that family consists of two brothers, an angel and an old grumpy hunter who acts as the father figure.

So why castrate the angel and kill off the old grumpy hunter? And why turn the show’s focus away from the two brothers? This is the question I’ve asked all season.

There have been a few good episodes, don’t get me wrong. “The Girl Next Door” with guest star Jewel Staite was a great episode, as was “Defending Your Life” and “Out With The Old,” along with a few others. In fact, I liked the episodes that had minimal leviathan involvement. They also focused on the brothers’ relationship, which is what has always made this show work.

But those episodes were few and far between this season. And we’re forced to watch the boys battle the leviathan. The only bright spot of the series is Mark Shepard returning as Crowley (because he does it, so well), the one unpredictable character in the series.

Meanwhile, Castiel is a shell of his previous self thanks to the guilt of what he’s done. But I like the half-mad Castiel – it reminds me of how he was initially when the character was first introduced.

The death of Bobby Singer didn’t leave a dry eye amongst Supernatural fans but was so entirely unnecessary. Bobby was such an integral part of hte family and now it’s just ripped to shreds. But wait, he couldn’t just die. He had to come back as a ghost, so that eventually the boys could get a real and proper goodbye. And honestly, when they finally got it and were forced to burn his flask, I did not feel as emotional as when he originally kicked it.

The finale episode is supposed to be the big bang of the season. However, it felt more like a whimper to me. The most exciting thing I saw on-screen was the return of the Impala as we saw it crash through Dick Roman’s Supracorp’s headquarters. Of course, I was surprised to see that Meg was behind the wheel, as I’m fairly certain it’s out of character for Dean to allow her to drive his baby, end of the world be damned. Even the exploding Dick Roman left me feeling rather blah.

Of course, things did pick up, thanks to Crowley, who is moving in and taking over. I did like that bit. And I’m guessing he’s the big baddie they’ll face again next year. He’s the one they just can’t beat.

Finally, Dean and Castiel wind up in purgatory. Again, I could care less. Dean has already survived Hell, after all…

Personally, I keep thinking this series should have ended after the Apocalypse was prevented. Let’s face it. Once you stop the Apocalypse, saving the world after that really isn’t that thrilling. But hopefully, next season, the boys will be back to battling demons and Crowley’s desire to take over where Dick Roman left off.

So what do you think? Did you like the leviathan? Are you looking forward to more Crowley next season?

6 thoughts on “Supernatural season finale: a little meh? (spoilers)

  • May 22, 2012 at 11:23 am

    Psst that’s not the logo for this season 😛  

    Of course I’m looking forward to Crawley!   Also I’m guessing you meant to say you -couldn’t- care less that Dean’s in Purgatory?  

    I wanna know what happened to Cass. I will always enjoy this show. What can I say but I guess I’m not picky? lol

    • May 22, 2012 at 11:49 am

      The show is really losing its focus, but that’s what happens when you’ve run out of ideas. I hated the leviathan – the most boring villains ever!

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