New deal for Marvel and comiXology

I stopped reading comics about 10 years ago. And then along comes comiXology and hooks me in again. After having made the switch to digital books (and my overwhelmed closet full of dust and books thanks me), digital comics seemed like a no-brainer. And now, comiXology just got even better.

Yesterday, comiXology made the announcement that it has made a deal with Marvel to distribute single issue comics exclusively worldwide to its platform. The agreement spans the course of several years.

“As the industry leader, Marvel is committed to growing the comics market through digital innovation –and bolstering our existing partnership with comiXology continues that,” Peter Phillips, SVP & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media. ” This agreement is a huge win for current and future fans of the Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man and Marvel’s entire library of exciting characters.”

Marvel fans will be able to get their digital comics on Apple iOS and Android, as well as the web-based Marvel Comic shop, all provided by comiXology . The comics can also be bought via the comiXology platform that is available on on Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and

Source: comiXology

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