Fringe Season Finale: They’re Coming (Spoilers)

It has been a heck of a roller coaster ride for us Fringe fans this year. Ratings were up and down and all over the place and there was a very good chance that one of the best sci fi shows on t.v. was finally going to get the boot. But social media came in and raised the stakes and Fox is giving us 13 more episodes next season.

Please note that the following does contain spoilers.

The thing is, had it not been for that final line uttered by the Observer in this season finale episode, this episode would have wrapped up the entire show nicely. Of course, that would have left the future where the Observers rule the world thread hanging, but I think this episode was done in a way that makes me think even the writers were uncertain of the show’s fate with Fox and wanted to give it some finality if cancellation actually had occurred.

So what happened? I think the easier question to ask here is what didn’t happen. Because my jaw was hitting the floor last week with the return of William Bell and the shooting of Astrid. I want to thank the writers for not killing her off, by the way, because I feel that actress Jasika Nicole is such a vital part of the Fringe team. Also, Olivia’s powers began to become stronger and suddenly, she’s the reason that two worlds were about to end. She’s become a power source that William Bell can use to bring about the new world order.

Leonard Nimoy, returning to the role of William Bell, brought his “A” game to the role. Is anyone else extremely relieved that Nimoy didn’t retire from acting? Bell turned out to be not so much the mad scientist, but instead came across as a cynical man who was tired of the universe calling all the shots. So what’s the solution when you’re as brilliant as he is? You create your own universe. There’s just one problem with that, though: the two connected universes must perish in the process.

But it was Walter, simple wonderful Walter, so beautifully portrayed (as always) by John Noble (Emmy committee! REALLY! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHY AREN’T YOU NOMINATING HIM?) who saves the world. How? By shooting Olivia dead straight in the forehead.

And of course, that’s when we cut to a commercial. I held my breath for several minutes before Walter returns and reminds us about his little experiment last week with Cortexaphan and a sponge cake. Whew. Olivia is saved.

And now she’s pregnant. If anything, this was the only predictable part of the episode, but that’s only because foreshadowing has pointed us in that very direction all along.

Finally, the last words uttered by September, the rogue Observer: “They’re coming.” I’m only assuming that the Observers are miffed about William Bell’s messing around with the universes and they’re coming to take over the world in order that something like that doesn’t happen again. Of course, we’ve seen this future and it’s very grim indeed.

So now we have 13 episodes to watch our Fringe team stop that from happening. Or will they?

Oh, and I miss Agent Lee. He chose that other universe over his own when they closed the bridge. Boo.

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