Dean Koontz speaks up about the Odd Thomas film

I must have missed the news that one of my favorite book series, the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz, was being made into a movie. I even missed the fact that Anton Yelchin was its star (talk about perfect casting!). Fortunately, I follow Koontz on Facebook and came across a posting linking to his website where he talks about the movie.

Koontz states, ” Gerda and I and two friends just saw the completed Odd Thomas film. It is so wonderful that I am whacked flat by happiness. It makes no missteps, races forward with unrelenting momentum, is gripping, and has great heart, and even has an excellent score! It is a totally fresh wind in the genres upon which it touches, and we felt that we were seeing one of those rare productions with the potential to dramatically alter how other filmmakers approach such movies in the future.”

Koontz goes on to say what I’ve already stated above – that Yelchin is perfect for the role.

Did I also mention that Willem Dafoe is co-starring in the movie?

To read the whole piece, visit Dean Koontz’ official website.

Odd Thomas (the film) is set to be released in October. I’ll be there!

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