Web Series Wednesday: Squaresville

So I’ve decided that I would like to showcase a web series every week. This may be a series you’ve already heard of or one that I stumbled across on YouTube that no one else is watching. This week’s pick? Squaresville.

I discovered Squaresville on Kickstarter (where many great web series are born) and was instantly intrigued. It almost reminds me of My So Called Life (it’s style, at least) and the actresses are so wonderfully natural that I’ve fallen in love with them and the show itself.

Squaresville is about feeling awkward and weird while growing up, something we can all relate to. It chronicles the adventures of best friends Esther and Zelda growing up in a town where there’s nothing to do and people just don’t get them. It stars Mary Kate Wiles and Kylie Sparks and was created by Matt Enlow.

Check out the first episode below. New episodes are released every Friday. For more, subscribe to the Squaresville YouTube Channel.

[tubepress video=”Pq8YjE-IvRI”]

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