Gabriel Knight creator needs help setting up new gaming studio

One of my all-time favorite PC games would have to be the Gabriel Knight series from Sierra On-line. Remember those games from the 1990’s? They were about an author and New Orleans bookshop owner who investigated the weird and unexplained. The games featured stories about voodoo and werewolves and even tackled topics from The DaVinci Code before that book was ever written.

Even before Bioware, Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen knew that a good video game could also tell an interesting story. And now Jensen, along with Robert Holmes, has set up a Kickstarter project to fund their own gaming studio: Pinkerton Road.

Pinkerton Road’s focus is on 3rd person adventures games for the PC and tablet with rich stories, great art and fun play. Just the word “tablet” there has me interested, as there really is a lack of good non-casual games on mobile platforms.

The first game from Pinkerton Road is Moebius, about an antiquities dealer who is hired to investigate a series of strange events. It is being called a “metaphysical thriller” in the style of Gabriel Knight (again, I’m in!).

This seems like a worthy project to promote and donate to. With the big gaming studios getting greedy and a little crazy, it will be nice to have smaller studios eeking out a living for themselves and giving us quality gaming time, don’t you think?

Pledge now and help this title and gaming studio become a reality.

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