Fringe season finale: even the stars don’t know what’s going to happen!

Mark your calendars, fellow Fringe fans. May 11 will bring us a season finale that will be like no other. Even the show’s stars have no idea what’s going to happen!

According to the wonderful John Noble, “We’ve shot two [endings].”

Noble also went on to state that many questions will be answered in the season finale, including the plot point about Olivia being fated to die. Also, there’s going to reportedly be a surprise on the villain front that’s even bigger than David Robert Jones.

As the fate of the series itself is hanging in the balance (Fox has not yet renewed it for another season), the season finale was written in a way that it could end the series or go into a fifth season. Let’s hope it’s the latter, shall we?

Lance Reddic, who portrays Broyles on the show, confirmed, “The way [season 4] ends could function as a series finale, but there’s one storyline left open that could end up as a cliffhanger for the beginning of the fifth season.”

So there you have it, Fox. The ball is in your court. Personally, I’m feeling confident about that the show will get picked up, thanks to it trending on social media every week and fans really throwing in their weight behind it.

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