Being Human (US) Sneak Peek

Wow. Last week’s Being Human was full of surprises and shocks and OMG, the thing with Julia! I did not see that coming. I’ll admit, I spent some time crying after that one. Just… whoa…

So what’s next? Obviously, Josh is more determined now to rid himself of the wolf. So he’s preparing to kill Ray, the werewolf who created him. But will Josh be able to do it? (I hope not – I like Josh all sweet and puppy dog-ish. But as we’ve seen with the story arc of Sally’s character, anything can happen.)

And now that Julia’s out of the picture, what does this mean for Josh and Nora? I’m still rooting for those two.

Check out this clip from the next episode.

Being Human airs on Syfy on Mondays @ 9/8c.

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