Arrested Development on Netflix: All the details!

Who isn’t excited about all-new Arrested Development on Netflix? I cannot wait to get back to visiting with the Bluths. And Netflix is making it easy on us, too.  It was announced at a recent press event that we can expect the all 10 new episodes in 2013.

I know, that’s SO long! But we’ll get all 10 episodes in one day, so make sure to take some time off to have a major Arrested Development watching marathon.

Other details released at the press event:

The new season will not be in anthology form, as previously reported with one Bluth or family member per episode. The new season will be more like the old show.

Scott Baio is returning as Bob Loblaw.

There could be a 5th season if everything goes well (oh, please?).

I’m really looking forward to catching up with those crazy Bluths again, aren’t you? Now we just have to wait…

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