Alabaster: Wolves set to release April 11th

For those of you not familiar with the work of author Caitlin Kiernan, you’ve really been missing out on some amazing horror literature. Yes, LITERATURE, because Kiernan has a way with words that can compel you into a story and leave you begging for more when it’s over.

As many fans of Kiernan know, she got her start in comics. And although she once sworn to never return, she couldn’t turn up a deal to bring popular character Dancy Flammarion (Threshold) back to life in comic form in Alabaster by Dark Horse comics. The first issue, titled “Wolves” will re-introduce Dancy as the dark-thing slayer that she is and give her a brand new story.

As a huge follower of Kiernan’s work, I’m recommending this one for anyone interested in dark horror storytelling. Especially with the fantastic artwork I’ve seen from the first issue by Steve Leiber. Even if you’re not necessarily into comics, I think you’re going to like this one.

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