The River Season Finale: The magic is angry and it wants revenge

First off, if you’re a horror fan, you should be watching The River. Missed it? It’s available via Hulu. It’s only 8 episodes so getting caught up is a no-brainer. Now we can only hope that we get a second season because it seems that there are a lot more scares that the Amazon has to offer, at least according to the show’s season finale. Beware: spoilers lie ahead.

The one thing I like about a short season is that everything is non-stop action. The River has that by the bucket loads. But what impressed me the most was last week’s episode where the missing adventurer, Dr. Emmet Cole, is actually found. I had expected the entire series to be based around looking for this man, but what a gutsy move to give him to us so early in the series. It’s also a nice slap in the face that where we thought the series was about the search for Emmet, it’s about something a lot more darker.

So what is The River really about? According to the season finale, it’s about an evil spirit of the river called the Boiuna. And the Boiuna is pretty mad at Dr. Cole for discovering its secrets.

I wasn’t sure how the series would wrap up after finding Dr. Cole last week, but this finale worked beautifully. It also scared the pants off of me.

It starts with action, as always. An attempt is made on Dr. Cole’s life, which results in the death of his son, Lincoln. We’ve been given glimpses that Kurt might have been ordered to kill Dr. Cole previously if he found “the source.” The surprise, though? It was Jonas, the camera man that Emmet left behind that made the shot. I didn’t see that coming.

But wait, we know that Lincoln can’t REALLY be dead because there are magical forces at work here. And obviously, desperate people who don’t want people to be dead go and do stupid things. Yep, they bring Lincoln back from the dead, calling upon the river spirit, the Boiuna to intervene. Of course, it works, and of course, Lincoln has brought back the evil spirit with him. This evil spirit kills Jonas (which is how we find out that Jonas was responsible for the attempted hit on Emmet) and begins to run rampant throughout the ship.

Fortunately, Emmet has learned some tricks, and with the help of Kurt, who knows a lot more about the river than previously thought, they exorcise the demon spirit thing.

But guess what? The spirit isn’t too happy about that. So just when the crew finds that their GPS is leading them away from the river and back to the “regular old Amazon,” there’s a twist. The river begins to change, blocking their path that would lead them away from the Boiuna. So yep, they’re stuck. Possibly forever.

How’s that for a season finale?

The possession of Lincoln totally freaked me out. The Exorcist is by far my #1 scariest movie of all time, so seeing Lincoln getting exorcised scared the heck out of me. I was terrified!

Yes, it was a little predictable when Lincoln was brought back from the dead. Because it never fails that something comes back with it. Heck, it even happened to Buffy. But it was still a lot of creepy fun to watch. Most horror movies have that predictable factor about them, but seeing it come to fruition and how it plays out is the key to good storytelling.

I also loved the way the series ended. The river has the Magus trapped now and if we get a second season, I’m sure we’ll get to see some more crazy and horrifying things. I think this season was just the tip of the iceberg, after all. ┬áThere is so much that can be done next season with the crew attempting to escape from the Boiuna.

Here’s hoping The River gets picked up for another season. Because I want to be scared some more.

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