How Tim Burton screwed up Dark Shadows

Have you seen the new trailer for Dark Shadows (posted below)? Is it just me or does this look like a parody of Dark Shadows instead? I was really excited that we’d get to revisit the Collins family, but after looking at this, I just groan.

I am a fan of both the old version of the series, as well as the one made in the 90’s. Those were both dark and brooding and way ahead of their time. But this … movie… that Burton is giving us? Well, at least according to the clip, it is now a cartoonish funny jab at the 1970’s. And it makes fun of all of the things that I loved about the original series.

I have to ask myself if Tim Burton is actually making fun of those of us who actually loved the horror soap opera. Is he? And should we be mad at him for doing so?

But worse of all, I still kind of want to see this. Because it looks funny. But it’s still definitely not Dark Shadows.

Not familiar with the original Dark Shadows? Go watch it on Netflix now. It’s available via instant streaming.

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