Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently returns to television

More than a year after the original pilot based on Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency has aired, the BBC has decided to give us more of the quirky detective.

Three new episodes have been ordered to be directed by Misfits creator Howard Overman. Stephen Mangan (who I loved) will return as Dirk, the detective that solves cases using the interconnected-ness of things. Yes, it does sound a little like Touch, doesn’t it? Except weirder and funnier. And often featuring Schrodinger’s Cat (that’s my favorite bit!). Which is what you would expect from a t.v. show based on a Douglas Adams book, right?

Actors Darren Boyd (Richard Macduff), Lisa Jackson (Janice Pearce), Helen Baxendale (Susan), and Jason Watkins (DI Gilks) will also be returning.

According to the BBC: “In Episode 1 of this new three-part series, Dirk discovers the connection between two unrelated cases; a client who believes the Pentagon are trying to kill him and another whose horoscopes appear to be coming true. In Episode 2 Dirk is called back to his old university to protect a valuable robot but within 24 hours it has been stolen and a dead body discovered, with Dirk & Macduff the prime suspect. In Episode 3 they are alarmed to discover that Dirk’s old clients are being randomly murdered with Dirk as the only link. Rather than talk to the police, Dirk elects to leave the country but is waylaid by a series of seemingly unconnected events.”

Producer Chris Carey stated: “Dirk Gently feels like a rare and precious storytelling gift. Douglas Adam’s books are treasure troves filled with brilliant details and profound, hilarious observations that Howard and the other writers endlessly mine to lead them off into new tales for Stephen and Darren to bring memorably to life on-screen.”

If you haven’t seen the original, it used to be on Netflix, but unfortunately, a search this morning turned up nothing. It must have been pulled recently. The BBC are cheeky buggers, aren’t they?

Source: BBC

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