Being Human (US): New Episode Preview

I have to admit that I was ambivalent about last week’s episode of Being Human. It started out with a wonderfully awkward dinner party, but then ended on a really weird note (and me being irked about the Henry character… again.).

I also LOVED Dichen Lachman even more in that episode, though, so I won’t call that last episode a complete disaster.

Oh, and wait! Nora’s back. But really, who didn’t see that coming? I’m still confused as to why she left, but I guess we needed the Josh – Nora – Julia love triangle. Personally, I could do without it, as Julia annoys me and I’m 100% on Team Nora, but whatever.

In this peek at the upcoming episode of Being Human, Josh discusses with Sally about telling Julia about him being a werewolf. I’m hoping that he will and she’ll go running far away.

Catch Being Human on Mondays at 9/8c on SyFy.

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