Assassin’s Creed 3 News Round-up

Wow. You blink and suddenly the only game people are taking about is Assassins Creed 3. Having been underwhelmed so recently by Revelations, I’ve more or less ignored most of it. Bring on Mass Effect 3 already (yes, this week!).

However, I do have to admit that AC3 is starting to sound interesting, although I’m not sure how it will all work. Finally being able to put Ezio to rest, though, is a good start to the series. Although I adored that Italian accent of his (and let’s face it, he was easy on the eyes), his story seemed to drag out through three games. Let’s hope the next story is much shorter and to the point.

First up, we have the new box art for AC3. And thanks to this “revelation,” we know that the game will take place during the Revolutionary War:

Is it just me or does the assassins outfit need some updating from previous games? That outfit would stick out like a sore thumb in revolutionary America! However, a change of scenery was desperately needed in this series. From what I’ve read, a lot of the gameplay will actually center around The Frontier, so I’m guessing there will be hunting and pelt collecting. Honestly, I’m not as thrilled so much about that.

The hero is named Connor/Ratohnhake, who is part English and part Mohawk. And obviously, he’s anti-Templar.

Next, we have a release date. Just in time for my birthday: October 30, 2012 (a day before my birthday – hint, hint).

Rumors have it that Desmond will now be in New York. I had pretty much already guessed that based on the end of Revelations. Now all we can hope is that this is a better game than the last few. I need something new from this series and it sounds like this new game may be it.

Now, how about the first trailer:

[tubepress video=”BSa0Xg-YadY”]

So are you looking forward to AC3?

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