Mass Effect’s Kaidan Alenko is the Valentine for me

Mass Effect’s Kaidan Alenko is the Valentine for me

Shepard Kaidan4

After G4TV posted a photo of Mass Effect‘s male Shepard getting smoochy with what appears to be Liara, I started searching for something to represent Female Shepard. Because there just isn’t enough of her, right?

Anyway, as my version of Shepard had a fling with Kaidan in the first Mass Effect (and then subsequently fought with him in the 2nd game), I came across this gorgeous piece of fan art by artist Shoko86:

  1. Larissa AlenkoLarissa Alenko03-13-2012

    honestly, Alenko is mine!!! im 14 and i draw him all the time, he is an awesome and moving character. he makes you feel emotion and maybe even shedding a tear or too…because i know i did….

    • Robin BurksRobin Burks03-14-2012

      Have you played the third game yet? I just started it and my poor Shepard just can’t get over him! đŸ˜›

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