Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day (now with zombies)

I’m not one for the traditional made-up holiday that is Valentine’s Day. However, the very topic of Valentine’s Day PLUS zombies … how could I resist? So if you’re going to buy your loved one something cool for this fake holiday, how about something from this collection I put together from Etsy? These gifts are so much cooler than boring chocolates and flowers, aren’t they?

1. Zombie Wedding Portrait

This is for you married types. What says “I love you” more than a portrait of this adorable blood-hungry couple? Nothing, I say!

2. Zombie Love Keyring

What is true love, really? It’s not just about love but about going above and beyond the call of duty for your significant other, right? And nothing says love like letting someone eat your brains. Let everyone know that’s how you feel with this keyring.

3. Zombie Love Anti-Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

Just what I wanted! Two zombie legs to bookmark that horrible paranormal romance novel I was reading! Never lose your place again with this couple of dead ones.

4. Zombies Love Me Tee

Well, first I have to ask, what’s not to love? Of course, zombies love you! They’re very loving creatures. So celebrate Valentine’s Day by letting everyone know how zombies feel about you with this red-splattered tee (blood sold separately).

5. Zombie Love Card

If you absolutely must send a card for Valentine’s Day, at least pick one with style. This one shows your cherished one exactly how you feel.

6. Gothic Fairy Zombie Girl Fantasy Art Print

How about a way to tell your special one that your love is dead? How about this adorable zombie girl print? May the love you share RIP.

7. Zombie Gingerbread Hatchet Man

Forget the candy and cookies. Go for this adorable zombie gingerbread man who comes with his very own hatchet! She’ll love this so much more and it doesn’t have any calories!

8. “I Love You To Pieces” Watercolor Print

Awww… isn’t this sweet? She loved him so much that she cut him up into little bitty bits and ate them. That’s devotion, let me tell you. Let your sweetheart know you feel the same.

9. Cupid Was a Zombie Sculpture

Oh, look, Cupid was a zombie! And he will give you his heart if you give him your brains. Isn’t that a fair trade for true love?

10. Candy Heart Necklace

What better way to say “You’re the one” than with this honest message in the form of an endearing candy heart? This one is sure to please even the most discriminating of your Valentines.

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