Gallifrey One Day Two: My Little Pony, Torchwood and the Doctor Who movie

After much coffee, Gallifrey Day Two got underway. We started with an IDW Comics panel, which led into a Torchwood: Miracle Day panel. Being as both my favorite tv writer, Jane Espenson, and everyone’s favorite Q (Star Trek), John DeLancie, were taking part, how could I miss out?

Speaking of John DeLancie, did you know that he once did voiceover work for the My Little Pony animated series? And apparently, that’s how he learned about Bronies. If you’re not sure what that is, look it up…

The panel also featured writer Doris Egan, as well as Daniele Favilli, who was the beautiful Italian Angelo, and Jack’s lover in the series. He is really Italian and I could listen to him and watch him all day. He is currently working on a film called Swelter (I had a short chat with him after the panel). He is a very sweet guy, which is awesome, because it was his one episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day that I liked best.

I followed that up with a panel I was doing on gaming. What was awesome is that the entire panel were women around my age. And we all liked similar video games. Dear gaming marketing companies, take note. Women do play things other than Angry Birds. It was fantastic to be around other gamers and talk about my favorites, including my latest obsession, Skyrim.

The next discussion panel was about the state of science fiction in film and television. It was hosted by several people, including those who have worked on Lost, Futurama and more. We talked about how this is such a good time to be a fan of genre t.v. and films. I could not agree more.

I also had a chance to speak with a writer from Warehouse 13. I tried to pry him to give me details on season 4, even attempting to bribe him with a con ribbon. But all I got is that it was going to be an “epic” season. Tease! However, I can’t wait. His enthusiasm for the show was evident.

The panel I had most been looking forward to featured Jane Espenson and Cheeks from the Husbands web series. I have promoted the series on this blog, so those of you who are my regular readers will be familiar with that. If not, do check it out! The panel discussed how doing a web series was different from television, as well as why they chose to do a web series. Cheeks stated that he felt this was the future of tv, and I am inclined to agree. I gave Jane a ribbon and thanked her for the Twitter writing sprints she hosts. Because of her, I wrote a novel. And she has become a sort of online guru for me. She is also amazingly funny.

After three or so hours sitting down, I needed a break, and yet somehow, I ended up catching the tail end of a panel with various actors from the new Doctor Who series. I found it especially funny when Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler from the series) talked about how she enjoyed slapping Christopher Eccleston.

Did I mention that Mythbusters‘ own Grant Imihara was also roaming the halls decked out as the 10th Doctor? Yeah, that happened!

Finally, the reason we were here, arrived. The Doctor Who tv reunion. Unfortunately, Eric Roberts didn’t make it, but I had met him earlier in the day, so was not too disappointed. But the rest of the cast were there, along with Philip Segal, the film’s producer. I love that Who fans have finally embraced the movie. It has been a long time coming.

All in all, it was another great day at Gally. I can’t wait to see what happens today.

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