Doctor Who meets Star Trek in new cross-over comic

I’m not entirely thrilled about this, as many Doctor Who and Star Trek fans are, but I do feel the need to post it here on the blog. IDW Publishing has reported that an official Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation cross-over comic series will be coming in May.

The comic will feature the 11th Doctor, along with Amy and Rory. They will be meeting Captain Picard, Will Riker, Worf, Deanna, Data and the rest of The Next Generation crew.

I know a lot of fans of both series are completely geeking out right now. I’ve never been a huge fan of cross-over comics myself, but this could be interesting. I’m also relieved that it was The Next Generation crew of Star Trek that would be meeting the Doctor. Could you imagine Captain Kirk’s ego vs. the Doctor’s ego (okay, wait, I think that could be a good read). ¬†Although Kirk would probably be too busy trying to come onto Amy. I’m pretty sure Rory and Riker are going to come to blows over her, though.

Come to think of it, this could be amusing. The Doctor and Data having a discussion could be highly entertaining.

Here’s some preview art from the upcoming issue:

Source: Bleeding Cool

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