• Davy Jones

    Remembering Davy Jones

    Remember Nick at Night? Back in the 90′s, if you weren’t watching Nick at Night, you would have been ostracized as some kind of weirdo. And you know what Nick at Night included? The Monkees!

  • Beinghuman S4

    Being Human (UK) jumping the shark?

    For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably noticed I talked about having watched the first 10 minutes of the new season of the UK version of Being Human. Unfortunately, though, I could not plod through the entire episode after all of these major plot points were just thrown at the screen without any sort of second thought given to them.

  • StarTrek0224121

    What’s up with Benedict Cumberbatch?

    It seems our favorite Sherlock (yes, even over Robert Downey, Jr.) has been very busy these past few months. Not only has the new season of Sherlock come and gone on the BBC (although we’re still waiting for it here in the U.S.), but Cumberbatch has been rumored to have been cast as the Master in Doctor Who and is also currently portraying the villain on the set of the new Star Trek film.

  • Books

    Read your favorite books… in a minute

    I literally stumbled upon this site when I was browsing the web via StumbleUpon and thought this was hysterical. Why spend days and months reading long books when you can get a quick summary in just a minute?

  • Being Human

    Being Human (US) “The Ties That Bind” Sneak Peek

    I was surprised at the Gallifrey One panel on t.v. series I did when everyone on the panel agreed (including the Brits) that the US version of Being Human was even better than the UK version. Needless to say, this show is a hit around the world. Considering how rare a British remake usually does here in the states, this is quite an accomplishment.

  • Lost Girl1

    Lost Girl Sneak Peek: “Arachnofaebia”

    In this week’s episode of Lost Girl,┬áBo, Kenzi, and Hale face a paranoid nightmare after being bitten by a spider-like Fae (hence the title). I’ll admit I still have not watched this preview as I’m still an episode behind, but it sounds like another great episode. Is it just me, or is this show super addictive?

  • Brave3

    New Trailer and Poster for Disney’s Brave

    I grew up a Disney fan and I will admit that I still really enjoy their movies. No, I’m not referring to their re-hashing Beauty and the Beast to make it 3D (don’t get me started), but the new movies. They’re still a million times

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