Who’s going to Sundance? Why me!

I woke up Friday morning to a direct message from the folks over at Bing that I had won a contest to the Sundance Film Festival this week. Completely unbelieving, I sent my phone number and email address and before I know it, I was signing an affidavit that stated I did not work for Microsoft and would not hold Microsoft responsible if I break my neck in a skiing accident. I ran to the bank, got the form notarized and started searching for a traveling companion.

Although I had a feeling no one would be able to get time off of work with such little notice, I finally got my niece on-board for the trip, and it seems that we are definitely Sundance-bound! I’m waiting for the lovely PR company that’s handling the contest for Bing to get me flight details, but we’ve got a hotel room waiting on us in Park City, Utah, along with 20 tickets to see films in Salt Lake City and some cash for a car rental to get between the two locations.

It all seems so surreal, but I am very excited. I love movies, as you can tell on this blog, and being able to go to a festival like this where I get first viewings of films is, well, pretty darn awesome! I have a short list compiled of my must-sees, and then we’re going to wing the rest of the festival. There are also music things going on, interesting panels, parties, etc., etc., etc. that I’m sure my head will explode upon arriving after being completely overwhelmed.

It is my hope to be able to blog from the festival, along with providing a few movie reviews (of course!). So here’s my question: what would you like to know/see here on this blog in relation to Sundance? My must-see movie list actually includes the previously Indie Game: The Movie, but also other science-fiction-like films (yes, there is sci fi at Sundance!).  I am going into this knowing there’s no way to see everything and do everything, but if you’re interested in something in particular, let me know in the comments.

It’s going to be a great week!

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