Avengers will show world through Captain America’s eyes

I must admit that I’m not entirely sold on The Avengers yet. I like the individual Iron Man and Captain America movies, but the idea of putting those two superheroes together plus more (including Scarlet Johanns0n, who still hasn’t convinced me she’s a good Black Widow) makes me rather uninterested.

However, director Joss Whedon recently stated that the film would be seen through the eyes of Captain America. Having loved that particular movie enough to see it several times, I find myself more interested.  Considering the way Captain America ended, it makes complete sense, because the final moment of that movie acts as a segue into The Avengers. Also, Chris Evans was a wonderful Steve Rogers. He took a character that could have been very one-dimensional and breathed real life into him and made you root for the little guy, even when he became big.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Whedon stated:

“I set out with a very simple problem: There is no reason for these people to be in the same movie. So that’s what my movie has to be about. So much of the movie takes place from Steve Rogers’ perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird ass world. Everyone else has been living in it.”

I think seeing the movie through Captain America’s perspective could work out well. Otherwise, you’ve got all of these other massive superhero egos fighting for screen time. Steve Rogers is so different from them, though, that I’m optimistic this film might just turn out to be decent.

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