AMY hits XBox Live and PS Network Today!

There has been a lot of buzz about the indie game AMY all over the net. And after watching the following trailer, I think it’s definitely one of the first must-haves of the year. ┬áIn fact, I’m surprised at the level of detail in this game, as well as what I’ve read about the gameplay itself. This easily could have been a game you’d find on shelves, but it’s a virtual steal for just 800 Microsoft Points or $12.99 on the PS Network.

AMY is a survival horror video game from Lexis Numerique. As Lana you must escort the eight-year-old autistic Amy who has strange powers out of an overrun city.

Check out the trailer and tell me this doesn’t look unique and amazing:

[tubepress video=”z8zHNdchL9M”]

Get more info. about the game on the AMY official website.

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