Welcome to “Alcatraz”

I don’t know about you, but I really miss “Lost.” I don’t think there’s a show on right now that even comes close. The mystery and the intrigue, the fantastic serial storytelling… let’s face it, “Lost” was a one of a kind show.

However, we may just be getting something very similar in the way of Abrams’ new series “Alactraz.” Not only does it feature the familiar “Lost” face of Jorge Garcia (and how can you just not love him?), but the show seems to be a sort of “Fringe” meets “Lost” and looks… well… all sorts of awesome.

“Alcatraz” is about a woman named Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones), a homicide detective who has landed a strange case. Her prime suspect is an ex-Alcatraz prisoner, who died some time ago. She seeks help from Diego Soto (Garcia), an expert on Alcatraz, who is going to help her solve the case. Of course, there has to be a baddie, and in that we get the wonderful Sam Neill as a high-powered government agent who is trying to block Madsen’s investigation.

So what are we talking about here? Time travel, murder, ghosts and conspiracies. Sounds great to me!

Check out the all-new trailer for the series:

[tubepress video=”3Qbeew2XhmU”]

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