Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: Yee-haw


In the past week, I have managed to get a nasty head cold. What’s the best remedy? Lots of drugs and a funny movie. Obviously. Having missed Tucker & Dale vs. Evil in the theater, I decided to spend some Microsoft points and rent myself some fun. How could I go wrong with a film that stars Alan Tudyk, right?

Maybe it was the drugs, but I would like to think that this was one of the silliest and hilarious things I have seen since Army of Darkness. It definitely has that same sense of macabre combined with goofy humor, and it has two lovable hillbilly characters, namely the title’s Tucker (Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine).

The film introduces us to another set of characters, as well. Imagine the typical annoying rich college students we see in most horror films and multiply that by 100. These are the kids you want the bad guys to get, if only to shut them up about their parents money and their trust funds. But what this film does is turn traditional horror on its head. These kids are the actual evil of the film, and due to some odd occurrences through no one’s fault, they start dropping like flies. Of course, the kids assume the hillbillies are at fault, especially after Tucker and Dale pull one of their friends out of the water with the message “We got your friend.” Sure, they had saved her from drowning, but this misunderstanding leads to a high accidental body count, nonetheless.

This film is a sort of reverse Deliverance meets Romeo and Juliet. And I can imagine that’s a completely new take on this particular genre of film. It is also hilarious to see the hillbillies running from the crazy rich kids. Both Tudyk and Labine are so good with these backwoods characters and make them funny without stereotyping them. And both actors have amazing comic timing. When Tucker is running through the woods with a chainsaw being chased by bees and screaming bloody murder, you cannot help but die laughing. Especially considering that the kids then see him as some crazed Jason wanna’-be who is out to saw them in half.

Combine this with even more hysterical sight gags and you have the beginnings of a lot of laughter. The gore factor is also completely over the top, as well as it should be, and it even serves as a nice tribute to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. I mean, c’mon! This movie features axes and chainsaws and even a woodchipper, so you have to know you are in for a good time.

Interesting sidenote: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was directed by Eli Craig, who just happens to be the son of Sally Fields.

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