Top 10 Fangirl TV Moments

It is no secret that I watch a lot of TV. I have Hulu and Netflix and spend a few hours each day watching the shows that I love. This year was especially a good tv-viewing year, as we seem to have a trend growing that includes more science fiction and fantasy-based shows. And many of these shows are actually really good.

I have compiled a list of my Top Ten favorite TV moments from this past year. Be warned if you’re not caught up on your own TV viewing as this list may contain spoilers.

10. Haven: This show had an okay first season, but for the second season, the writers pulled out all of the stops. I felt this season peaked with the death of the character of The Rev at the hands of Audrey Parker. I honestly was surprised the show went there, but because of that one scene, we are now starting to see what Haven and its history are really about. And things are getting even darker. I love that.

9. Alphas: I will admit that I had my doubts about this new SyFy show. I assumed it was another shot at doing something like Heroes, which ended up sucking after the first season. However, Alphas has turned out to be brilliant. The stand-out for me? The performance by actor Ryan Cartwright as Gary, the autistic young man who can literally see and read waves in the electromagnetic field right before his eyes. It is an absolute shame that Hollywood will not recognize Cartwright’s performance because it really is one of the best that I have seen on TV this year.

8. Game of Thrones: Not only was this series brilliant, but it brought George R.R. Martin’s work to life in a way that was completely unexpected. Leave it to HBO to create this world so beautifully. My favorite part of this season, though? Seeing reactions to the death of Sean Bean’s character, Ned Stark, so early in the series. Those of us who read the books knew it was coming, but others were completely shocked. My advice to fans of the show? Prepare yourself for much more death. George R.R. Martin is brutal with his characters.

7. American Horror Story: This wasn’t a series I was even sure I wanted to watch, but the trailers were compelling. After one episode, I was hooked. And now that I’ve heard that Jessica Lange has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance on AHS, that’s just the icing on the blood-spattered cake. Because that woman sells it: hook, line and sinker. Not to mention, the show itself scored a best drama series nomination, too. AHS is erotic and creepy and has the bonus factor of a lot of naked Dylan McDermott. What’s not to love? Who would’ve thought FX could come up with something so deliciously evil?

6. Once Upon A Time: This past week’s episode was the highlight (and saddest) one for me. We finally learned who Graham was and just as soon as he started to remember himself, the evil Queen killed him. And we also got an answer to the burning question: Does the evil Queen/Mayor remember who she was? And the answer to that is a resounding yes. That had been teased since episode one, but this episode sealed it as definite with her collection of enemies’ hearts underneath a tomb within the town. And yes, I screamed at the t.v. when she squeezed Graham’s heart into ash. That bitch.

5. Eureka: If you have not seen the Eureka Christmas special this year, drop everything you’re doing and go watch it now. Because it is probably one of my favorite Christmas specials of all time. It is fun and memorable and best of all, ANIMATED! This one is even better than old stand-by Rudolph, kids, trust me.

4. Supernatural: I think everyone will agree that maybe this season has not been that stellar. No one seems to really like the leviathan and the series seems to be struggling about what to do with this new villain. Also, we have not had any Castiel and that just blows! However, I also think everyone will agree with me that this season’s best and worst moment was the death of Bobby. Okay, so we’re not really sure he’s dead, but if you watched that last episode with a dry eye, you have no soul.

3. Fringe: Two words: Peter’s back! It’s the moment we were waiting for. But as we Fringe fans know, things are much more complicated than that. Because no one seems to actually recognize Peter, even his own father. Speaking of which, John Noble has once more been snubbed by the Hollywood awards types, which is a shame as he could act circles around any of those actual SAG nominees. The character of Walter Bishop is so complex and deep and beautiful that it baffles  me that no one in the awards community has taken notice.

2. Being Human (UK): We all knew Aidan Turner was leaving. We were ready to accept it. Except when the moment happened on TV, it was the absolute worse day in our lives. I don’t know about you, but I was sobbing to the point of hyperventilation. It was Russell Tovey’s moving portrayal of George in that last scene that really took it over the edge. And now we get to look forward to saying goodbye to George after next season. This show is ripping my heart out one little piece at a time.

1. Doctor Who: “The Doctor’s Wife”: It had long been a rumor and even a joke that Neil Gaiman would pen a Doctor Who episode. And then suddenly, it happened! This had been a long-time dream of a lot of fans of the series. Once that episode finally aired, we were rewarded with what is, in my opinion, one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time. Seeing the Doctor meet the TARDIS in the flesh was priceless and the banter and affection between the two showed us that there will really only ever be one woman in the Doctor’s life (River and Rose be damned). And that woman is a blue box that can travel through time and space.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Fangirl TV Moments of 2011. Have one of your own favorite TV moments to share? Leave me a comment below.

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