New Game Trailers: Bioshock Infinite and Mass Effect 3

These are probably two of the most highly anticipated titles in video gaming right now (especially since we finally have Skyrim). And the more I see of both games, the more I cannot wait to play them. I am especially curious about the new Bioshock title, since it will take us to a place that seems a little different from Rapture. But Mass Effect 3 promises that we’ll get to see earth and that is equally as exciting, isn’t it?

However, Bioware, where is the promised Mass Effect 3 trailer featuring the female Shepard we’ve been promised since June? Because this is, obviously, not it.

Anyway, check out the new trailers and chime in on which game you want to play in the comments.

[tubepress video=”2BIfFeen9q8″]


[tubepress video=”q10u2SIQ4pw”]


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