Lost Doctor Who episodes found!

Dear Whovians, we have great news! New episodes from early seasons of the series have been found by the BBC! The William Hartnell episode titled “Galaxy 3,” as well as the Patrick Troughton episode titled “The Underwater Menace” have been re-discovered.

As most Doctor Who fans know, the BBC had a habit back in the day of erasing old tapes when those shows’ rebroadcasting rights expired. Sure, that wasn’t the brightest decision, and it resulted in over 100 episodes of Doctor Who being lost forever. But occasionally, episodes do turn up. In this case, they were purchased in canisters by film collector Terry Burnett, who had no idea what he had possessed, until recently.

The two lost episodes were shown today at the British Film Institute’s annual “Missing Believed Wiped” event. But who cares, right? When do we, the public get to see these rare gems? Well, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I am hoping a television special for both episodes is involved soon. However, I am guessing DVD releases will see these episodes, too, making us Who fans very happy.

Isn’t it nice when Christmas comes a little early?

(12-12-2011 Update: Even more episodes are also being recovered, thanks to old television signals bouncing around in space).

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