Game of Thrones: Season 2 and Season 3

Season 2 of HBO’s hit fantasy series Game of Thrones has not even aired yet, but we have been given word that there will also be a Season 3. I’m sure fans of the series are breathing a sigh of relief, especially those who have not read the George R.R. Martin books and are wondering what happens next.

The news comes via Charles Dance, otherwise known in the series as Lord Tywin. There had been rumors abounding that the cast and crew of the series had been told to stick around for additional filming, so this is not a huge surprise. Also, the show has been a huge hit for HBO and has been nominated for both SAG and Golden Globe awards.

The only problem I see with the series getting a full run through all of the books has everything to do with how slow George R.R. Martin has been in getting those books written. At the rate he’s going, HBO will have caught up to all of the books before a new one sees the light of day. So dear George, GET TO WRITING. Otherwise, we may have to depend on HBO to finish up the story (not that they probably couldn’t handle it).

Here’s a sneak peek at Season 2:

[tubepress video=”sBrsM_WlfV8″]

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