Evil Dead Remake: It’s Really On

I was sort of hoping that we would get a sequel to the infamous Evil Dead films. Instead, Sam Raimi insists on retreading familiar territory and giving us a remake of the original first film. Okay, so I was already on the fence about that. But I’m hoping it won’t happen, or that, instead, he’ll change his mind.

Unfortunately, no such luck. The “new” Evil Dead is set to be released in April of 2013, according to Shock Til You Drop. Sure, Bruce Campbell is also having a hand in making it, but will not put in an appearance as Ash.

Yes, that’s right. An Evil Dead movie WITHOUT Ash. To quote one of my Facebook friends: “That is not an Evil Dead movie.” Agreed.

Even worse? Moviehole is reporting that the film will be losing the humor that we have come to love in the film franchise and making it a straight horror movie.

Apparently, Sam Raimi is a serious filmmaker now and can’t be bothered to remember what got him that Spiderman job. But of course, we have all seen Spiderman 3 and how, as a director, Raimi seems to have lost both his sense of humor and his way.

So we have an Evil Dead movie without Bruce Campbell and without humor. Does that sound like a movie anyone would really want to see? Hollywood seems to think so, but then again, this is the same Hollywood that gave us Adam Sander as twins. Need I say more?

I went to my social media and got a few opinions. Some people actually think this thing has potential, but I believe they’re being a little overly optimistic:

On Twitter:

@DarkTweets: Shame they will do cookie cutter movie. Could have been great matching the creepy with the funny as seamlessly as originals.

@Inacurate: If Evil Dead is going serious, it “could” work in current climate w/so many pieces of zombie entertainment currently around.

@carlyspade: Where as the first ED wasn’t intended comedy the series has become that and to go back is treading on “normal” zombie flick

On Google+:

Bill: Is Bruce Campbell in it? Without him it will be crap.

Erin: Might as well remake Schindler’s List as a comedy.

Roy: Bleh, they already took the funny out of Fright Night must they do the same with Evil Dead?

John: It’s not Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell.

On Facebook:

Johnny: Thats like Flash Gordon w out Flash Gordon.

Joe: A serious horror movie? What are they gonna do? Suddenly have a bake sale and not be killing people? Holding hands and singing songs with lighters lit.. and the smell of fingers burning fills the air?

Although I saw a few positive remarks, most fans of the original series seem to think this is going to suck. But what do you, my loyal readers, think? Do you think there’s hope for the new Evil Dead?

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