Doctor Who and the Universal Vacation

A few of my Facebook, Twitter and Gallifrey One pals put together this amazing Doctor Who fan video. And so, obviously, I thought it was absolutely 100% necessary to share. So here’s my holiday gift to all of my readers: “Doctor Who and the Universal Vacation”.

[tubepress video=”18pHTzjHhMk”]


I also chatted with the person responsible for the idea behind the video, Kevin Kittredge, who had an interesting story about the scene in the video shot at the Hollywood and Highland complex:

“You know those guys who gather crowds and dance for tips? Well, they sure don’t like it when you dance with them. I really wanted a shot of Eleven dancing all crazy with the street dancers and asked if I could. They said no. I offered to tip them five bucks. They said no.”

But Kevin decided that because it was a public sidewalk, he was going to put in his five bucks and dance anyway: “They ACCOSTED me, the jerks! I thought it should remain in the video.”

How’s that for suffering for your art?

Get more behind the scenes info. and photos here.

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