America, Get Ready for “Misfits” Season 3

The wait is finally over! “Misfits” season 3 will be heading to Hulu here in the states in December. I got hooked on this show the day Hulu started airing it, so this is definitely great news.

Unfortunately, Season 3 does see the departure of Robert Sheehan as the foul-mouthed and inappropriately hilarious Nathan. But there’s a new guy in an orange jumpsuit being added to the mix: Rudy, portrayed by actor Joe Gilgun. According to my UK friends, he does a fine job of fitting into the cast and series. And that’s a relief. But I will admit to being heartbroken about seeing Sheehan go.

“Misfits” is a comedy about five young offendors who are being forced to work in a community service program. In a freak storm, they acquired supernatural powers. If you haven’t seen it yet, all episodes are currently available on Hulu.

Season 3 begins airing on Hulu on December 19. Hulu will also be airing Nathan’s goodbye webisode “Vegas Baby!” on December 12.

Note: I’m slightly irked that Robert Sheehan couldn’t be bothered with doing a proper episode to allow us to say goodbye to Nathan. Actors and their moving on to bigger and better things. Geez.

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