Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” coming to Showtime

Stephen King’s “Under The Dome” coming to Showtime

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It’s been a good year for Stephen King, but when is it not? In addition to “Bag of Bones” coming to t.v. soon, the ongoing “will it or won’t it” movie or mini-series of “The Dark Tower”, writing a sequel to the “The Shining” and a new novel already being turned into a script, what more could an author ask for?

Apparently the answer to that is another work being turned into a drama series on Showtime. The new “Under The Dome” Dreamworks-produced series is based on King’s sci-fi thriller of the same name about a picturesque Maine town that is suddenly separated from the rest of the world by an invisible force field. The series will be directed by Brian K. Vaughan has credits that includes writing for ABC’s “Lost.”

Interestingly enough, there’s another King work already being rumored to be in production soon. This one will be based on King’s novel “Rose Madder.”

Source: Spinoff Online

  1. Stacy Guy EvansStacy Guy Evans11-12-2011

    I’m a big time Stephen King nut, especially regarding the Dark Tower. I really hope these movies are well made. I loved Rose Madder.

    • Robin BurksRobin Burks11-13-2011

      I think with Showtime being at the helm of this one, it definitely has a lot of potential. I’m also looking to see how the “Bag of Bones” mini-series comes out!

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