Russell Tovey to leave “Being Human”

I guess I should be grateful we have a US version of this show (which surprised me by turning out to be pretty decent). Because we are now left with two of the main cast members who made the show so popular. According to The Guardian and Russell Tovey’s own Twitter account, Tovey will be following Aidan Turner and leaving the series:

Apparently, Hollywood has come knocking for him, too. Which breaks my heart, but is unsurprising. I was pretty sure the series would not survive the departure of Aidan Turner, but there will be a season 4, which Tovey has already filmed. The two actors played off of each other so much and were vital to the show that even though I adore Megan Rath (the last surviving member of the cast), I do not think she can carry it off alone. “Being Human” thrives on the chemistry between its three leads.

Tovey can still be seen on hit UK comedy “Him & Her,” so fret not for our favorite ex-werewolf. And we have Season 4 of “Being Human” to look forward to, as well. I hope we get some sort of closure in the final episode.

There have been no comments made by the BBC as to if the show will continue or not. Personally, I think where it left off last season is a perfect send-off to what was an amazingly good series. Hopefully, the US version of the show can go in a different direction (as it has stated it intends to do).

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