James Bond has a new Q in “Skyfall”

I honestly did not know that there would be a new Q cast for “Skyfall,” as the actors of the previous two Bond films are remaining the same. And I’m actually a little disappointed that Q won’t be portrayed by the always-lovable John Cleese. However, it has been announced that actor Ben Whishaw will be taking on the role of Q in the new Bond film.

Oddly enough, Whishaw is 12 years younger than Daniel Craig, which will be a first for the Q-James Bond dynamic.

Whishaw seems to have the acting chops, with a lot of Shakespeare under his belt, as well as some other British films. Honestly, though? I have no idea who he is. But that may turn out to be a good thing. Casting an unknown sometimes works out for the best.

I’m obviously still very hopeful about the Sam Mendes-helmed new movie. A younger Q could give the character a more vibrant crazy energy, maybe a sort of young mad scientist vibe.

I’m personally also stoked to see Javier Bardem as the bad guy.

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