Trailer for Tim Kring’s “Touch”

I was a huge fan of “Heroes,” season 1, but the writer’s strike more or less destroyed the show. After that, I felt that the writers never could get the series back on track. I think Tim Kring, however, had a great idea, although I feel a show like SyFy’s “Alphas” gets the superhero in our modern world better.

However, Kring is bringing us a new series, starring Kiefer Sutherland, called “Touch.” This new show is about an autistic boy who can predict the future and and his dad (Sutherland) who acts on that information.

“Touch” will be airing on FOX in Spring, 2012.

It actually seems pretty promising, judging by the trailer below:

[tubepress video=”dvQ_qJYZ-7A”]

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