SyFy’s “Haven” Renewed for Third Season

I often give SyFy a thumbs-down for a lot of their decisions, but as I was recently hired to write an article for, which is owned by SyFy, I’ve tried to be much more positive. In other words, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right? In all seriousness, though, the network does occasionally get some things right, in spite of my complaints about their streaming policy.

Hit series Haven, inspired by a Stephen King story, has been renewed for a third season. I thought the first season was pretty good and I am about halfway through the second, and I think this was a great decision. The second season has really upped the ante and has somehow managed to make its story about a town with “The Troubles” interesting and scary week after week.

I also have a crush on Eric Balfour. I’m not sure how that happened, but I just love him on the show. And he tweet replies me occasionally. What can I say? I’m easy.

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