“Lo”: A Demonic Love Story

As it’s October and I am currently on a horror film and television quest, I took it upon myself to revisit my Netflix recommendations in that genre. Lo is a title that continuously came up, so I finally gave in and sat down to watch it.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with the film. I knew there were demons and something of a love story, but what I ended up getting was something that was a sort of The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Army of Darkness meets The Notebook. No, really.

Lo begins with a young man, Justin (Ward Roberts), sitting in what seems to be a pentagram with a book that looks very similar to the Necronomocon. He fumbles his way through a spell from the book, eventually summoning a demon by the name of Lo.

Lo is a sarcastic wise-cracking sort of demon who immediately decides to change Justin’s name to “Dinner.” Literally. He calls him Dinner throughout the film. He’s funny and vulgar and yet a little scary, all at the same time.

Justin, aka Dinner, has summoned Lo to find his girlfriend, who was apparently abducted by a demon. The book had originally belonged to her, after all.

Through a series of scenes acted out on a stage, we see how Justin and the girl, April, met. We watch him as he falls in love with her, in spite of her ownership of this strange book and her very odd and quirky behavior. Lo eventually shows Justin April’s true nature, but Justin is still determined to save her.

And he’s willing to risk the wrath of hell to do it. Lo does everything he can to discourage Justin, but even after the cut in his hand starts talking, he will not waver. He wants April back.

Without spoiling the film, the ending has a nice twist that was expected, but still felt good.

This movie has it all: musical numbers, a Cocktail dancing bartender, freaky demons and an actor in Ward Roberts that bears a strong resemblance to Bruce Campbell (albeit a softer and more gentler Bruce Campbell than we’ve ever seen). I hope to see him in many more films in the future. He brings a charm to the role that makes this movie so watchable.

Jeremiah Birkett as the demon Lo delivers sarcasm with some serious punch. I was laughing right after the demon’s summoning and loved the way he handled his lines. It was very reminiscent of Robert Englund’s portrayal of Freddie Krueger, but somehow better. Sarah Lassez rounds out a great cast as April, the odd girlfriend who has somehow fallen in love with the likes of Justin.

To say this film is weird is probably an understatement. But it’s weird in a feel-good way and is the sort of horror-comedy-drama that is seriously lacking in modern film.

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